“I used to be an elite-level hockey goalie. I’ve gone through the grueling workouts and worked through the painful injuries. I know the wear and tear, and the stress high-level athletics have on a body. And boy, do I wish I had known more about bone broth back then! It would have made a huge difference in healing and recovery times and would likely have helped me lengthen my playing career.”

~ Joleah – Partner and Master Herbalist at Wild Moon Organics

Pro-Athletes are starting to re-discover how bone broth can help them be at their best. The L.A. Laker’s, Kobe Bryant, swears by the stuff! In fact, the whole Laker’s team is now drinking bone broth regularly. And one of our biggest fans, Brent Fikowski – a world class crossfit athlete – makes sure he includes Wild Moon Bone Broth in his everyday, clean-eating regime.

But this rich, golden liquid isn’t just for the pros! Any active person can benefit from this healing drink as it is nature’s most nutrient-dense, easily digestible liquid, filled with micronutrients, minerals, amino acids and collagen. As an athlete, it could really cure what ails you, such as the tendons in your wrist that hurt, or the ligaments in your knee that swell up. It will kill inflammation and swelling, and help with muscle recovery post-workout. In addition, our broth helps your heal your gut and increase the absorption rate of nutrients. When you process food more efficiently, it aids muscle recovery and enhances your performance.

But these awesome benefits aren’t solely from a well-made bone broth. At Wild Moon Organics, we add six different tonic herbs and mushrooms to our broth. This array of medicinal foods enhances the benefits of bone broth and adds some of their own. They are great for increasing and balancing energy levels, decreasing inflammation, detoxifying the body, increasing stamina, combating stress, and supporting the immune system. You can read more about the specific benefits of each one on our ingredient page.