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Organic Bone Broth

Our grandmothers and great-grandmothers knew of the incredible healing benefits of a good organic bone broth. From homemade chicken soup to Pigs Foot jelly, bone broth has been keeping people going for thousands of years. Now you have access to the same benefits! We’ve looked at recipes from all throughout the ages and taken the best bits of each so that you end up with the most nourishing, healing bone broth possible, loaded with gelatin, minerals, and nutrients.

Our organic bone broth is multi-species-made with organic beef, chicken, and pork bones. This produces a flavor that’s deliciously balanced and a drink that contains the specific benefits of each species. Then we add six different powerful tonic herbs and mushrooms to kick this ancient remedy into overdrive. Blend everything together with some well-loved culinary herbs and organic veggies, seal and simmer it for 42 hours, and voila! We’ve done all the work for you so it’s easy to access this powerful, healing drink.


Why Is Wild Moon Organic Bone Broth The Absolute Best?

  • Certified Organic
    We make the only commercially available bone broth in Canada that is 100% certified organic. The bones we use come from animals that are certified organic, pasture-raised, grass-fed, and grown with love and respect! Since a quality bone broth extracts everything from around and inside the bones, it is critical that the animals used are the absolute highest quality and health.
  •  42 Hour Simmer
    – This lengthy cooking process ensures that all of the minerals and nutrients locked inside the bones are all released into the broth
    – While a soup stock is usually made over the course of a few hours or maybe even the better part of a day, a properly extracted bone broth is made over a period of 36
    – 48 hours, particularly for large animal bone broth
    – Competitive broths commercially available are produced in 12 hours or less.
  • Always Sealed, Never Boiled
    – We produce our broth in a sealed, digitally controlled Italian cooker at a temperature just below boiling
    – Our process ensures maximum extraction without damaging or altering the gelatin or other nutrients
    – The sealed unit ensures that nutrients and flavour are locked in and preserved and not left to evaporate
  • Rich and Concentrated
    – We use 1 lb of bones for each litre of water which is an ideal concentration of bones, but much higher than other commercially available broths
    – Our protein levels are only achievable because of the high concentration of bones
    – The combination of our lengthy extraction time (42 hrs) and our high concentration of bones results in a very rich broth
    – After our pure mountain water (unfiltered and untreated), bones are by far the largest ingredient in our broth
  • Loaded with Gelatin
    – Our broth is thick and gelatinous when refrigerated
    – Our broth is made with the ideal combination of joint, marrow and meaty bones to ensure not only high gelatin levels but the most ideal nutrient composition
  • Healing Herbs and Mushrooms Added
    – We add 6 powerful, medicinal herbs and mushrooms to our bone broth to enhance and expand the effectiveness and benefits
    – With properties ranging from anti-inflammatory to detoxification, and from immune strengthening to energy balancing, Chaga, Reishi, Astragalus, Schisandra, Kelp and Nettle are all helpful tonic remedies
    – Inclusion levels of 350 mg per container of broth for each of these 6 ingredients
  • Unique Packaging Process
    – Our cooker is equipped with an auto-chilling feature which not only brings the broth down to a low temperature quickly for food safety purposes but it also allows for total fat separation
    – Our broth is constantly stirred throughout the packaging process and is also filtered to ensure a clear and consistent product

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