“As a world class athlete I’ve made sure to include Wild Moon Bone Broth as a part of my clean-eating, nutrition regime. I’m very focused on what I put in my body and the bone broth is a great addition to what I’ve been doing. The benefits of quality bone broth are especially advantageous to athletes as it aids muscle recovery, reduces inflammation, protects joints, and boosts your immune system.”
~Brent Fikowski – World Class CrossFit Athlete

“I often make bone broth at home but I can’t even find the quality of ingredients to make something of this caliber”
~Kate H.

“The flavour is super rich. You can really taste the difference from the other bone broths I’ve tried”
~Jeremy B.

“I have a cup of this every morning! It gives me the energy I need to get through my very active day”
~Linda R.